Get your equity right.

It could change your life.

Let's run your numbers.

Understand Equity Structure

Not all Employee Stock Option Plans are the same. We'll help you understand ISOs vs NSOs vs RSUs.

Understand the Company

We estimate the company's ability to optimize for equity, given its size and life stage.

Understand the Numbers

We'll give you a list of data points to ask for, like strike price and vesting schedule.

Your min, median, max

Custom equity benchmarking.

The bar chart represents a theoretical equity grant for your specific experience level, taking into consideration the company's lifecycle and the estimated
equity available for employees like you.

Your percentile

How you stack up.

The figures to the left represent your percentile rank against other scenarios, as well as the theoretical max for someone in the 90th percentile.

Negotiate with context.

We do the math.

We calculate your equity benchmark using an algorithm that measures six dimensions: your position, your experience in that position, age of company, last fundraise series, time since last fundraise, and number of employees.

One Time Cost


If you are not yet an annual paid subscriber of Mostly metrics, the benchmarking report is a one time cost of $150.

  • Customized equity report

  • Negotiating tips

  • Data points to ask for

Paid Subscribers


We offer our benchmarking service as a free benefit to paid annual subscribers.

  • Customized equity report

  • Negotiating tips

  • Data points to ask for

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